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Lights flash, wheels spin and levers click back into place. For fear of stepping on a bug and accidentally killing the human race, I chose to test-drive my beautiful new time machine by travelling to the future. The year? 3000. Hey, if Busted could do it, why can’t I? I want to find out once and for all whether their report on the year 3000 is accurate. For science.

First of all, I feel that I must elaborate on the news that everyone lives underwater in the future. This conjures up images of everyone swimming around, happy as Larry, in some sort of New Atlantis. The water level is, in fact, only about a metre off the ground in most areas (of course, it’s deeper in valleys and shallower on hills). This can easily be explained by the fact that the sun is blazing down all day, every day. The ice-caps stood no chance.

With Scandinavia’s decline as a result of global warming (RIP Scandinavian Metal) and advancements in music technology, true musical talent is no longer needed in the year 3000. In fact, people aren’t needed at all. The task of providing music now lies on the new “ABBs”, or “Artificial Boy Bands” to you and I. These impressive inventions are mass-produced by ICBC and distributed globally. The “music” they produce could only really be described as Bieber-meets-Nyan-Cat. It’s really something… Though what that “something” is is unclear.

As well as the destruction of music, ABBs have had one other effect on the culture of the period. With no actual human musicians, the idolization of musicians is no longer a concept. As a result, pressure on women to be perfectly toned and dangerously skinny has been greatly reduced. Men and women are now welcome to be any size they wish, providing (of course) that it is healthy. The world still loves breasts, though. In fact, artificial third breasts are not uncommon in cities, with the most wealthy women having real third breasts transplanted onto their bodies. Women who can afford this luxury tend to walk around naked as a way of displaying their wealth. 

The changes made to society in the year 3000 are plentiful, and more-or-less true to the lyrics of the international anthem “Year 3000”.

One final point about the future needs to be made clear, though:

Your great-great-great-granddaughter is, indeed, pretty fine.


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