This morning, I woke up and turned on my laptop to check my emails.

An hour later, after some successfully toaster-burnt toast, my laptop had finally installed enough updates to allow me to log in and check those emails (it wasn’t worth the wait – some suggestions of what to buy from Amazon and Upworthy’s most recent collection of feelgood twoddle were not exactly the heartfelt message from a long-lost relative I had been hoping for).

My current phone is the best phone I have ever owned. It is a £10 Nokia 100. I do not love this phone because it’s cheapness means that it isn’t the end of the world if it goes missing on a night out (though that is certainly an upside) or because I’m “keeping it real”. I love this phone because it does exactly what it says it will do. I can send and receive text messages. I can make phone calls. I can check the time and set an alarm to wake me up in the morning. I can even play “Snake” if I’m feeling particularly antisocial while I’m out and about. It doesn’t have wifi, it doesn’t have apps. It doesn’t even have a camera, but it is a great little piece of technology and I wouldn’t replace it for the world.

The problem, then, is not that technology has gone too far, nor is it that it has not come far enough. There are some amazing pieces of technology out there that do some pretty outstanding things. The problem is that a lot of the technology we have access to shoots too far and just isn’t quite there yet. I love my little Nokia because it lets me text and call, but if I had a swanky iPhone and all it could do was call and text I’d be pretty darned disappointed. And while smartphones are getting cheaper and more accessible, the cheapest smartphones are trying so hard to have functioning ‘apps’ that they quickly become slow and struggle to send so much as a single text message.

I guess this is just a cry to all of the developers of new technology out there. Please, please, please, instead of inventing some £1000 phone that rolls up into a ball and allows you to take photos of people from 3 miles away (or anything along those lines), why not just take a look at what we already have and try to make it so that it just does what it says it’ll do?

Oh, and while you’re at it, Windows 8 needs a little bit of work too 🙂

Yours exasperatedly,


Sidenote: For the Blogging 101 ‘Zero to Hero’ challenge, I was meant to write an introduction to my blog or something about myself today. Unfortunately, I already wrote these when I started in March. If you want to see them (though I’m not sure why you would), my About Me is here and my Introduction is here!


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