NaPoWriMo Day 8: Magic

This poem was written in response to the prompt for Day Eight:

Let’s take a leaf from Shelley’s book, and write poems in which mysterious and magical things occur. Your poem could take the form of a spell, for example, or simply describe an event that can’t be understood literally. Feel free to incorporate crystal balls, fauns, lightning storms, or whatever seems fierce and free and strange. Poetry is like that (at least when you’ve been reading Shelley!) If you’re in search of inspiration, maybe you’ll find it in this poem by Louis Untermeyer, or this one by Kathleen Graber.

It’s about a magical place where tea forms naturally without the need for kettles and spoons.


There, when rain
starts draining through
a tree’s leaves,
the flavour
brews and stains
itself onto
the drips,
the need
to stew.
We must then assume
this to be
the source of tea,
that our
water lacks spunk,
lacks energy,
that to
replace it we
add tasers
to stun
it warm, blow it cold
and drink.


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