NaPoWriMo Day 30: Wanderbienenzucht

This poem was originally published in my zine, BombinateSupport it on Patreon!


The ebiate is walking by the Nile
with a raft and a pyramid of hives.

They travel south to follow the movement
of the flowers and pollen through Egypt.

In Palestine, new wickerwork hives move
higher up the mountains for late flowers.

It is believed the Jews brought this knowledge
with them from Egypt all those years ago.

In Rome, the bees are moved on ships at night,
return home when the ship sinks with honey.

In Siberia, the bees are guided
by their master’s whistle from field to field.

They understand his whistle will warn them
to retreat when night or rain approaches.

The Bee-Masters finally get a name
when they reach Ancient Greece: Wanderimker.

Here, people know that the best honey comes
from Attica and is good for the eyes.



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